The intelligent 5B disinfection robot can atomize a variety of disinfectants in ultra-dry condition, and spray it through high-speed airflow

The atomized droplets were dispersed to the disinfection area to achieve disinfection. The robot can navigate autonomously and avoid obstacles

And moving to the disinfection area, around the disinfection target to carry out 360 degrees non-dead angle disinfection.

At the same time, it supports iPad remote control to quickly and centrally disinfect regional places,

Robot ultra-dry atomization disinfection solution disinfection, can achieve man-machine separation, reduce the number of people

Personnel contact, effectively reduce the risk of infection, not only make sterilization more efficient and thorough but also greatly improve High security

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Specifications/Special Features:

An intelligent dry mist robot could atomize a variety of disinfectants into super dry mist and disperse to disinfection area in high-speed airflow.

It could reach the disinfection area by autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance, and movement, and disinfect the target 360°.

It could also support iPad control for quick and central disinfection. Using this disinfection method by a robot could save manpower and lower the infection risk effectively; it could make disinfection more efficient and improve safety greatly.

AITY Automatic AI Intelligent Sanitizer Robot Dry Mist 5B can reach the working area by autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance, and moving, and work around the area target 360 degrees without a dead angle. At the same time, it supports iPad remote control, which can quickly and intensively work in regional places (fog making and purple light irradiation).

Through the thermal imaging temperature measurement principle, the robot can detect group body temperature in real-time, and lock high-risk patients, voice alarm, manual remote monitoring, temperature measurement accuracy ±0.3°C.


Task mode fixed time and fixed point disinfection:

Use the task configuration function to configure the robot with disinfection area, disinfection time, and disinfection frequency.

As long as the machine disinfectant is sufficient, to set the time, the robot can be unmanned

Next, self-planning path, obstacle avoidance walking, intelligent disinfection, and in the power shortage

In this case, the robot can return to the pile for charging.

Instruction mode disinfection:

The robot is equipped with a 12-inch high-definition display screen, which can visually display the well-maintained disinfection area

Field and point, you can touch and send instructions to disinfect specific points or areas.

IPad remote control disinfection

The robot is equipped with an iPad, which can remotely control the robot for automatic disinfection and support no network

Environment intelligent remote control.


High efficiency:

Automatic lifting nozzle multi-angle three-dimensional spray, 360 "no dead corner

Ultra dry atomized disinfectant has good dispersibility and full coverage, reaching 6-log level

1000m space, the fastest 15 minutes to complete disinfection


You can use the task configuration tool to configure the task time path for the robot on site

Line content, walking frequency, task planning, etc

Automatic disinfection, the key, control or timing tasks start the automatic disinfection process

It can monitor the working condition of the robot at any time, save the working record automatically, and navigate autonomously,

Intelligent obstacle avoidance and free from manual operation

*Ultra dry atomized disinfectant, no residue in the disinfection process, safer

Human-machine separation, reduce personnel contact, effectively reduce the risk of infection


Optimal path planning for autonomous navigation obstacle avoidance
The robot is based on slam stereo navigation obstacle avoidance system
The detection distance is not less than 15m, and the surrounding area is scanned at all times
Environment, providing map data, building high-precision environment map,
Autonomous navigation, autonomous obstacle avoidance, and planning the optimal route destination.


Automatic lifting 360 Degree No dead corner coverage

The top of the robot is equipped with 6 heads of spray heads to ensure 360 coverage and no dead ends.

With automatic lifting, ultraviolet lamps on both sides can automatically rise to the highest position during operation,

When the operation is finished, it will automatically retract to its original position.

Rise to a high point to ensure wider disinfection space

The distance between dew making and dew spraying is far, which ensures that there is enough space for the fan to speed up the single gas output

The nozzle shrinks to the inside of the fuselage, making transportation and storage safer and more convenient.


Large capacity and efficient operation
"The volume of the large liquid storage tank reaches 16L, far exceeding the volume standard of 1l in the market, so as to ensure a greater space for action.
The atomization speed is 3L / h, far higher than the market standard of 0.24l/h, ensuring more efficient operation.
The scanning radius of V chassis can reach 25m, and the map can be constructed quickly.


Each machine is equipped with an iPad to remotely control the robot to creates an environment map,

The robot has a 12-inch high clear screen to control the robot operation, and support to view work records, convenient, and understand the disinfection situation.

Each customer has an independent account, which can be accessed from master management robot factors, points, and regions are defined.


HD Camera
IR temperature detection
Automatic telescopic track
Improve disinfection space
HD Display
12" touch screen monitor
Filler cap
Filler cap on the side for easy refilling
Ambient Light
Different ambient lights improving the experience
Stereo broadcast
cloud be used for promotion
Disinfection Nozzle
Adjustable 6-hole automatic lifting nozzle 360-degree spray
UV Light
To improve the disinfection effect
Arc design easy to push
Liquid Storage Tank
Intelligent Chassis
Ultrasonic Sensors Lidar navigation Independent navigation


Dimensions: 54cm*54*110cm lifting head up to 150cm.
WiFi: 2.4 G 802.11 B/b/n.
Screen Size: 12inch.
Stand by time: 12 hours.
Navigation Accuracy: 5cm.
Certification: CE.