Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Independent planning path
  • Reduce cost and increase efficiency
  • Automatic return charging
  • Custom disinfection path, coverage area
  • Reduce labor cost and improve disinfection efficiency
  • When the power is at the preset value, it will return to charge automatically
  • The product design can be customized according to the actual needs

Your one-stop all-round service of intelligent indoor disinfection:

  • The 2H robot has higher disinfection efficiency and safer disinfection method.
  • Reduce the artificial use of adult, improve the efficiency of disinfection, in a shorter time to complete a variety of disinfection tasks, disinfection services are guaranteed.
  • The installation and deployment are simple, convenient, and user-friendly, and the disinfection task can be started by one button, without too many complicated procedures, which is more convenient.
  • Supported disinfectants: sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, etc., with strong disinfection properties, more thorough disinfection.
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Product of Disinfection spray Robot introduction:
The 2H intelligent fog robot can atomize a variety of disinfectants, and through the high-speed air will fog After the fog drops dispersed to the disinfection area, the realization of disinfection. The robot can navigate, avoid obstacles, and move to the disinfection area and conduct 360-degree disinfection around the disinfection target. The ultra-dry atomized disinfectant of the robot can be disinfected, which can separate the man from the machine, reduce the contact between humans and staff, and effectively reduce the risk of infection. It not only makes the sterilization more efficient and thorough but also greatly improves safety.


  • Independent path planning
  • Custom setting disinfection route
  • Multi-mode indoor unmanned driving technology
  • VSLAM laser SAM with flexible, stable operation
  • Global original remote and convenient deployment capability
  • ULTRA endurance
  • It takes about 6 hours to train
  • Automatic return charging
  • Self-access elevator (optional)


Moving speed :0.2~0.8m/s
Working time:3-4 hours under full power (self-charging, unlimited endurance)
Spray particle size:2~5μm
Spray rate:800~2500mL/h
Water tank volume:16L
Battery:37V 10A·H
Overall size:540mm*360mm*136cm


Shopping mall, Exhibition hall, Bank hall, Government hall, Airport, train station, subway station, School, library, gymnasium, Others indoor environment.