How to Normalise Aftercare in Your Sex Life?

Aftercare is an important part of your sexual life, but it should not feel like it is a chore. Taking care of both your and your partner’s emotional and physical needs after sex is essential to maintaining a healthy dynamic in the bedroom. It can include physical touch, acts of service, cuddling, or anything that increases your bond with your partner. Aftercare helps to revive your intimate connection and makes it easier for you to enjoy future sex activities.

Some people may assume that aftercare only happens after a man or woman has an orgasm. In fact, aftercare does not have to begin before an orgasm. Learning about aftercare can help you change your mindset and focus on making sex more about honoring your partner’s needs. You can have a set aftercare routine, or you can make it fluid.

Sex talk is an important aspect of a healthy relationship, but too often it is neglected or poorly executed. A new study suggests that sex talk can be improved. Even if you and your partner have had quick sex, you should still spend a few minutes talking to your partner about how you had sex and how to care for each other afterward. Aftercare can improve your sex life by improving communication, consideration, and intimacy.

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