The Risks Involving Aerosols During Treatment
Oral therapy is prone to aerosol spread because of the nature of treatments. Dental treatment with high-speed turbo handpiece, ultrasonic cleaning machine, and other equipment can create unwanted aerosols. Patients coughing during oral treatment can also create unwanted aerosols. Bacteria and viruses are known to be transmitted by aerosols and then repeatedly inhaled by the patient or healthcare professionals, resulting in cross-infection.

Avoid Cross-Infection
The extreme suction power of A007 can help you avoid unwanted aerosols. The high-efficiency filter layer can effectively absorb water vapor, filter 99.99% of droplets and aerosols so that the air continues to be fresh and clean. Improve the cleanliness of the diagnosis and treatment environment, reduce cross-infection, to achieve the purpose of anti-infection. The UVC and Plasma Ionizer in this machine helps kill the virus and germs inside the machine.


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